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Quarter Lifer: FBI's Most Wanted Meets Eharmony


FBI's Most Wanted Meets Eharmony

Ok, Im probably one of the few people who has never checked out the FBI's most wanted list. This all changed today thanks to the Court TV website. I had no idea how much being wanted resembles the average online personal ad.

Take James Bulger for example. James is a murderer with an average build, blue eyes, a tad short and in his mid seventies. He also enjoys libraries, history & long walks on the beach according to his FBI personal.

Our next potential hottie: Robert William Fisher. Again, a nice complete physical description & picture. Rob is also an avid hunter, fisher & outdoorsman. No need to worry about that pesky first family as he killed his & blew up the house. Still can't get enough of Rob? The FBI has provided a quaint video of Fisher holding a child with a dog running around him.

Im not entirely sure how the remarks listed are going to help nab a criminal, but if you are looking for a successful, criminally minded date this may be the site for you.


Your site is very good!


12:05 AM  

FBI: Friendly Bridal International..


12:45 AM  

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12:47 AM  

Ironic, I check it out at least once a month.

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