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Quarter Lifer: Sex & The Single Girl


Sex & The Single Girl

Do you remember a time before you had a sex life? The time when you still just 'had sex'? It recently occurred to me just how much the mating dance changes during your twenties.

The Evolution:
Age: Under 20 yrs old
Status: You are happy to get any sort of play at all, you may be a virgin, you do not have a sex life.
Age: 20 - 25 yrs old
Status: You now have a sex life, it may be with one or several partners, you have become easier to get in bed, you still religiously use condoms, you start to embrace those annual STD tests.
Age: 26 & Beyond
Status: You no longer need pretext to have sex with someone, booty calls are a viable option, you base condom use on the respectability of your partner, you begin to fear becoming the old whore at clubs, you still embrace the annual STD test but begin to think 'This is why people get married'.

Let me explain how I came about these profound revelations. This is a series of emails between me & a 'friend':
"Could I interest you in getting a drink with me?"
"What if I told you to get a drink with me?"
"Then how could I refuse?"
"I don't think you could."

This all sounds fairly innocuous right? It's possible this is a harmless, somewhat uninteresting exchange. However, I am in the 26 & beyond stage of my sex life. Since that is the case let me translate this conversation into what was actually being said:
"I'm horny, are you available?"
"I could use some sex"
"I really need to get laid & won't be taking no for an answer"
"You are right, we should fuck."
"Good, we will have sex in the near future"

I am the kind of girl who would rather skip the subtly & just have the second conversation straight away. Unfortunately, I have to play the tact game just like everyone else. The good news is men are simple creatures. The penis is simply a dysfunctional light switch for the male brain. Flip it on & the rest turns off.

I never did get a drink, but I did get laid.


Heheh...been there, and I agree on just jumping to the second conversation.

8:23 PM  

Drinks anyone?

Didn't think so..

8:55 PM  

Good to know it I'm not alone.

9:21 PM  

War, has been declared. Prepare to be twisted..

10:20 PM  

love this post. can so relate.
although i love, love, LOVE sex in my mid 20's.

i'll be celebrating 27 in 3 weeks and wouldn't change a bit.

stay fabulous-

12:32 PM  

too true, I can definitely agree with your age evolution of sex.

12:51 PM  


When you finally get married is when you can skip that first conversation. And avoid doing the parts you don't want to.

Great post- I found you on BotB and enjoyed it!

2:17 PM  

voted for ya...great blog.

4:45 PM  

Funny post. Nice site.

4:53 PM  

Starting from monday, and for the whole duration of our 'competition', the link to my site should be highlighted..

Big Cheater..


9:47 PM  

I did a photo project on QLife Crisis. After going through three of them, I'm so glad it's over.

2:12 AM  

You forgot the part where we all become convicned that none of the birth control will ever work and we will all end up knocked up with many many fat children. Or is that just me??

10:53 AM  

lol! good one.

2:44 PM  

I quite enjoyed that. 

Posted by Robin

11:39 AM  



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