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Non-smokers Die Everyday

I smoke. I love smoking. There are worse things I could be doing, trust me.

I was forced to spend some time in this godforsaken, missing link town known as Wausau. Let me recap my friday night confrontation at the Applebee's Restaurant in Wausau...
My friend & I enter the Applebee's primed for Mudslides, a good bitch session & a few smokes. A perky blonde hostess informs us there is no smoking in the restaurant. Mouth agape I try to digest this information. Liquor, no cigarette, liquor, no cigarette...
While this is registering in my brain the conversation continues:
"We have a smoking post"
"Oh, you have outside seating?"
"No, a smoking post" the twit hostess reiterrates while pointing out the door behind us.
What the fuck? Smoking post? Am I horse that needs to be hitched up outside to said post? For those of you not in the know, this is a smoker's post:

Needless to say we borrowed the Applebee's phone book, found a more smoker friendly envrionment in a nearby town & promptly took our business elsewhere.

On Saturday we ran into a similar situation, except we were already outside. While enjoying peach margaritas & some mexican food on the patio of El Mezcal a family of four is seated at the table next to us. Upon their entrance the mother (complete with hand waving gesture) annonces 'Someone is smoking out here.' No shit lady. You can sit in the restaurant, the out of doors is smoker's turf. The restaurant gave me an ashtray so piss off.

Irritated as I may have been there is a bright spot to the story. On Sunday while munching on pizza at the non-smoking Rocky Rococos I pickup the local paper to read this wonderful, heart warming story on the front page! I congratulate Mr. Jusufi on defying the smoking ban at his 'private club' the Red Apple Restaurant. Damn the man!

Smoking is legal. If it bothers you I don't particularly care. Children bother me & I have yet to see a no screaming brat section, or a children's post outside.

Until smoking is illegal feel free to kiss my ass & pass me the zippo.


Mmm... I just quit 12 years of smoking, and all I have to say is that I cannot remember when I have felt so healthy, so energized, and so happy...

11:54 PM  

You mean you were forceD to spend some time in Wausau?


Kinky Poe 1
Piggy Twister 1

1:05 AM  

Welcome to missing the point Tuesday. Much like religion, sex, drugs, abortions & seat belt laws...My smoking rant isnt about how you feel about smoking. Do it, dont do it, I dont particularly care. The point is I'm a big girl who can make her own decisions & dont need the town of Wausau, Maxson or anyone else's opinion imposed on me. I am so sick of society limiting the ways I can hurt myself.

11:03 AM  

great rant!

12:04 PM  

I smoke as well. Okay so yes it's bad... But like you said there are much worse things you could do.

So true.

And to be honest everything can kill ya. Hell people die choking on carrots everyday.

Where I live smoking has been banned in every single public place since August 1st 2001.

Oh blah blah blah, I could go on.

What really gets me pissed is the people who give us smokers snarky looks for doing it but say squat to the woman up ahead slapping her young child around???

12:39 PM  

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12:57 PM  

Amen, sister!

What chaps my ass is when (like that family who sat outside) non-smokers come into the smoking section of a restaurant and start bitching about the smoke.

People can bitch at me because I'm smoking in the SMOKING SECTION of the restaurant, but expect me to keep my mouth shut about the screaming kids in the booth next to me? Bah!

3:38 PM  

I have never smoked in my life, and I feel like shit..

7:31 PM  

AMEN! They are talking about banning smoking in public in my backwards ass town. I dont see how thats possible. I wish theyd ban ugly rednecks here, now THAT would be useful =)

10:27 PM  

Great points, especially about the "smoking post." It cracked me up.

My state is actually considered banning smoking in restaurants. Really that should be up to the private business owner, if he feels like he can do without smoker's money, he can do that. Most obviously won't.

3:23 PM  

i quit smoking a little over six months ago, and it was one of the best decisions i ever made.

i used to be so upset when i was not allowed to smoke when and where i wanted to. but now, i am so glad for non-smoking restaurants and air that is smoke-free.

seriously, when you are not a smoker any longer, it becomes absolutely disgusting habit.

8:21 AM  

I actually work in a cigar store so I understand and completely agree with the anti-smoking rant.
The world we live in has become so damn politically correct that the federal government should be outlawing farting in a public place anyday now. I say smoke 'em if you got 'em and don't take any BS from anybody.


7:02 AM  

I am hoping and waiting for a no-kids section. I can't find a restaurant with an entree for under $15 anymore that doesn't have little brats all around me (in the no-smoking section, cuz woo hoo! Illinois still allows smoking in public.) I don't smoke anymore, and my husband never has, so we'd rather not sit at the bar/smoking section. Too bad the rest of the Friday's/Applebee's/Diner is taken over by parents too cheap to get a babysitter. Last weekend I saw a sad sight. A mom at the table next to us was out with her 8yr old son at Fridays, and ignored him the whole time. She talked on her cell non-stop, even while eating, and hardly even looked at him the whole time. She should have just left him home. 

Posted by two bits

4:26 PM  

I say, if you don't want people to smoke, ban the cigarettes, stop finding new ways to torture us.  

Posted by Miss Latte

4:01 PM  



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