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Masochistic Monday

It's a lot like Manic Monday, only worse. How could it be worse than a Bangles song you ask?
It can, trust me...

I have never dreaded a Monday quite like this one. I decided it was Masochistic Monday yesterday. Anticipating a shitty day that far in advance is a tad depressing.

So far my day is going as predicted. I could be clarivoyent, but Im going to go with just feeling hyper cynical right now.

I have decided in order to fully embrace the wrath of today I will do the following:
1) Im going to attempt to seduce the Intern into beating me up in a consentual fashion (Read: Im into BDSM). I figure this would be the most appropriate use of Masochistic Monday. I'd be helping today live up to its name.

2) I will inevitably get shot down. Most likely passed over for some sort of math problem.

3) The upside to getting shot down: There is actually more pain in getting rejected than having sex that leaves marks. Hence, I will end up maximizing the amount of self-inflicted pain possible on good ol' Masochistic Monday.




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