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Quarter Lifer: Players: Adrianna


Players: Adrianna

The Best Friend:

Meet Adrianna. She does not always look like Scully I swear.

I have known this girl for nearly a decade. I adore her & prolly would have had far more nervous breakdowns without her around to smack me upside the head & call me a moron (in a loving way of course).
Currently, she lives 3 hours away in the godforsaken town of Wausau. If it weren't for her diligent treks down to Mke I'd be miserable.

We have been through a lot: Horse Shows, partying, travel and college.

The most important thing about a best friend is that no matter what comes out of your mouth the person doesn't think you are nuts. I have a firm belief that as long as one other person on the planet agrees with what you are saying it can't be too fucked up. Adrianna is my other person.

I like the people in my life crazy & eccentric. Dre is all that & more. I love her to death.




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