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Quarter Lifer: Players: Tyler


Players: Tyler

The Love of My Life, Sort of:

Meet Tyler. He is often in this pose. It is the 'I'm about to tell you why you are wrong' pose.

Tyler & I were not dating for a year. He won me over with his intellect, patience, cooking & sodomy skills.
Tyler is by far the closest thing I have had to a successful relationship. Of course if you are anyone but me this is not saying much.
Despite a rough transitional period to 'just friends' we remain very close. Close in a way that is rare & special. I know he loves & cares for me and would go to the ends of the earth for me. I have little trust in people outside of my mother & my best friend. Ty managed to slip into that sacred category.

We gave up the sex, but I got to keep the truly important things: He still makes me dinner, I still buy the wine to go with it & we still talk for hours sharing the things we don't tell anyone else. He still sees me cry more than anyone ever has and being near him is still the safest place I have ever found.




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