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Dating by the Seasons

I have decided to date by the seasons. There are several perks to this system. For example I do not have to count on them being around for more than 3 months. Conversely, I don't have to deal with said person for more than the allotted time span. The dating scene is also simplified in that I only have to pickup 4 guys a year. Thus freeing up my time for more important things outside of my disastrous love life. The year so far...

Spring: Jay

Note this is an enticing creature. He is very intelligent, witty and incredibly flaky. In an effort to date outside my core group of friends (We're very incestuous) I met Jay. Since Karma hates my ass Jay turns out to be childhood friends with my ex's ex Jenna. Wonderful hey? Since I like this particular girl's taste in men I decide I can fuck on the outskirts of the group without too much trouble.
So, I begin courting him while my leg is broken. Believe it or not you can seduce men even with a giant shit brown cast booty on. I was enjoying this young man very much. He had a modded X-Box, was well read, could makeout for hours on end. Quite frankly the best thing I had met since I broke up with my ex a year ago. Then, as I should have seen coming, he disappeared. Like any well trained girl, I went to his friends for the scoop on what the hell happened. I was basically told 'He just does this, he is flaky'.

What I learned from Spring: The finer points of fucking with a knee high fiberglass cast on.

Summer: Kurt

Kurt is also known as 'The Intern'. The intern was my disasterous attempt at a summer fling explained in an earlier post. Kurt had many redeeming qualities as a summer endeavor. Such as I knew he'd be leaving soon, hence I could avoid all of those messy attachment issues. Also, he is 5 years my junior. I have never been one for younger guys so he was my trial run at craddle robbing. The jury is still out on how I feel about the young ones. Mostly because this one is not typical. He started college with half his credits done. I'm smart, I'm not that smart. I have never stopped having sex to finish an algebra equation. On the flip side he lost his virginity in a graveyard. This should have ended in really good unattached sexual relations. All I got was some interesting conversation with a boy who is apparently so use to having a hard on that it doesn't phase him. No 20 yr old should be able to function on higher levels while their dick is erect.

What I learned from Summer: Boys who read about math for fun think too much to fuck properly.

Fall: Josh
I will abstain from posting his picture until he leaves canidate status. However, since it is August I have to start thinking about Fall. Right now Josh has the most potential. He is in a polyamorous marriage. Unlike the Intern, he is 8 yrs my senior. We work in the same field (Techie geeks). He is attractive for an older guy. Plus, after this summer's disaster I'd really like to get fucked properly & without strings attached.

Stay Tuned for Dating by the Season Updates....




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