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Get Off The Bandwagon Already

There are 2 things I will never go in depth on in my blog:
1) Cindy Sheehan
2) The Pat Robertson/Chavez Debacle

Why? Because when it comes right down to it there are a million people beating these topics to a bloody fucking pulp. Not only that there are far more interesting things I could think of to talk about. Belly lint for example or why Im convinced everyone in Russia actually has a furry hat on at all times.

I could bang my head into a wall for hours trying to figure out why people in this country fall in line like sheep at the drop of a hat. Just because Katie Couric thinks something is worth talking about, doesn't mean it actually is interesting or important.

Ironically, I have to mention these things on my sacred blog this one time because Im so irritated I had to vent. There is only so much a girl can take before her head explodes.


So, why exactly are you convinced that everyone in Russia is wearing thos hats?

10:26 PM  

Thank you - I like seeing something in print that I've been thinking.

My (rhetorical) question is, how many people, really, are clamoring for updates on either one of those events?

10:56 PM  

So.. How much can you take before exploding?

Those Marge Simpson Hats are nice to keep you lunch warm.

PS: using Thesaurus is not allowed.. Big Cheater..


1:25 AM  

*youR lunch warm

I caught it first, so it doesn't count..


2:58 AM  



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