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My New Tattoo

This would be my new tattoo. I love it, even though it currently hurts like hell. Damn healing process.

Why did I get it?

Well, my best friend & I had decided that it has been 7 years since our last tattoos. So it was already a topic of conversation when I promptly got fired from my job on Friday. Not to mention Monday was my 26th birthday.
So, in honor of my firing/birthday we packed up Adrianna's dad & trucked off to Black Dragon. In just a few short hours I had a new permanent mark on my body.

What is it?

Technically, the design comes from the unofficial symbol for BDSM. For me it is an overall ode to my deviant sexual nature. On the off chance I ever get too old to be kinky I have a reminder of my more liberal days.

I really get off on my tattoos in some very off abstract way. I'd say it's spiritual, but that's not quite it. Then again it could just be my masochistic streak reveling in the pain.


That looks sweet!!

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