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Quarter Lifer: Nothing is sacred to the religious


Nothing is sacred to the religious

At 26 much of my childhood has slipped away, but I still have a grumpy bear, a charm necklace & a few memories in tact.

What I do not remember is Clifford the big red dog donning devil horns. However, there is always the chance that drugs have irreparably damaged my mind thus leaving me mistaken about things. Luckily, I found these helpful Christians to show me the error of my ways. I now see that puppies are the secret weapon of homosexuals & pagans who promote this red dog blasphemy.

I realize there are people homeless, starving, dying in wars, etc but we need to focus people. The downfall of humanity is clearly at hand.


I knew it! Hell is full of old guys with wigs eating defenseless hot dogs!

PS: 'intact' is one word, so I get a point.. But I kinda lost count..

12:24 PM  

That "Christian" site cracked me up. I wonder if it's a hoax site, like Bonsai Kitty..

3:18 PM  

great blog- fun to read- easy to dance to. wonderful!

3:45 PM  

That anti-cartoon site is either one of the funniest or one of the most disturbing sites I have seen. If it's not intentional parody, then I choose the latter.

It reminds me of the time I was flipping channels on the weekend to get between Metal Mania and something on ESPN and I saw Kirk Cameron--yes, THAT Kirk Cameron, from Growing Pains in the 1980s-leading some crusade to force people on the street to declare themselves total and complete sinners.

I sat back in awe at the best acting of his career. Until it slowly, painfully, became clear that he was NOT acting.


Good stuff--keep it up! -- d.a.

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