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A Short Post On Midgets


Will Trade a Turkey Slicer for One Sticky Midget

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Date: 2005-08-08, 2:09PM

Looking for a sticky midget who doesn't drink or smoke, and has had their shots. Must be Catholic and not afraid of water. Yodling is a plus. Serious inquiries only.


I am most curious what exactly makes said midget sticky?
More proof that I am on the wrong planet.


Great blog you have...keep it up.

4:43 PM  

um, rolling them in jam or preserves first? Honestly I have no clue but I hope you find the answer cuz I would love to know.
PS love what you said on blogger forum to the idiot that called you self obsessed. Rock on!

7:27 PM  

I have no idea what makes them sticky?

Don't think I want to know either.

I have a friend who is just terrified of midgets, you so much as say little person and he screams like a teenage girl.

I wonder if it's because he is 6'5"

7:39 PM  

Thanks guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one worried about the stick factor.

Yeah, I was trying to be nice, but what an assinine comment. I've been reading blogs over at blog explosion. Honestly, between the ones written by an animal, the knee reconstructions, the odes to bratty chldren & letters to dead relatives Im so not feeling self obsessed. Not to mention I think my blog is still gaining an identity.

8:03 PM  

Oompa Loompas get sticky from working at Willy Wonka's factory.

8:15 PM  

I would rather not know what made that midget sticky...

Anyway! Great blog and content!

6:14 AM  



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