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Again With The Religious

I am a devout Atheist (if you can be devout & an Atheist). I tend to be of the belief that everyone can have their beliefs, just don't give me shit about mine.
That being said I can't help but think some people set themselves up for attack. There is a company I pass on the freeway near my house that likes to 'advertise' little religious sayings for the hapless masses forced to drive by. Today's message topped all others:
"God Answers Knee-mail"
My first thought was 'Wouldn't it be more correct to say kneel mail?', but that sounds dumb. Then I started contemplating the hilarity of the statement itself. I think I need a knee-mail address. What would the dot com be on that anyway?
Some ideas:

I wonder how often god checks his knee-mail. I bet there are some southerners thinking 'Not fast enough'.
Anyway, I think I will work on this whole god email domain idea some more....


I like the last one. It's so godly.

7:03 PM  

Oh man. Keep working on it, it's a great canvas to paint!

10:48 PM  

man! very cool artwork.
nice concept. keep it up!

11:56 PM  

I don't think God has been checking his knee-mail too frequently lately! Mind you, I am from a country where we see God as some sort of celestial Santa Claus!"Please God, if you help me...."

Nice blog!

2:16 AM  

I figure since so many of my fellow believers seem stuck on "non-" labels, "non-atheist" sounds like a good parody on the concept to me. How do you think that would look on a bumber sticker?

I have a question I like to pose to atheists. It is a serious question (though I pose it in a fun way). I'm not looking to change you, make you think, convert you (don't tell my bishop) or make you "see the light" ... It's just my little inside joke I share with atheists. I usually won't even challenge an atheist's answer.. unless of course, the atheist either answers with a question, or I need clarification.

Here goes:

I am colorblind. One of the details of my little idiosyncrisy is I don't see the color "Purple". I see nothing but a shade of blue, or red. Now, science can show me the part of the visual spectrum they call "purple" or "violet", but it doesn't look any different to me. I've learned the frequency ranges that science tells me represent the shades of purple, and I'm really impressed... but in the end, to me, it's all just "blue".

So, I have a choice here. I can accept that there is this color "purple" that most of the world can see.. except me. Or I consider the "Cult of Purplists" to be nothing but a delusion of the "faithful".

Hope you have as much fun with the answer as I have with the question.

2:31 AM  

I hope a Gmail rival doesnt appear soon for the church lovers out ther Gmail=GodMail lol!

9:41 AM  

I always find atheism interesting as a concept since I could never truly believe that there was nothing. Trying to prove that something definitively doesn't exist is impossible and illogical. I have not always been Christian, but I know how faith can change a life. I understand your aversion to Christianity because sometimes Christians don't truly represent Jesus Christ and what He stood for. I know that I fail, but in my failure I can still find hope that Christ will lift me up. God answers ALL prayer, however it may not always be as we hope. The sad fact of life is as human beings and as Christians we often forget to care for our neighbor. I would urge you to, just for the sake of understanding, read through the Bible. This is not to convert you, but you may find it enlightening and you can be informed when arguing against the behavior or ideologies of Christians that attack you. If you have been attacked by Christians, I just want to say I'm sorry.

9:40 PM  

NBS - I have read the bible, along with a healthy portion of other religious texts. I find I usually know more about christianity than most christians. I spent a healthy amount of my college credits in the Hebrew Studies department & in the History department. I started contemplating my religious beliefs when I was 14. I did not wake up one day & decide to be an Atheist. I became one through my own quest for knowledge.
I do not believe any religion or belief structure should be adheared to without information. If I damned the religious without being able to back my shit up I'd be just as big of a hypocrit as those I polk fun at.

Next time, avoid doing the religious thing by assuming you know where I am coming from. I am not lost, I am not 'angry' with your god nor am I uninformed of the alternatives to what I believe.

10:01 PM  

Colorblindness is a scientifically provable disease. We can bust out some cards & prove that someone is colorblind.

Do you have a scientific method of proving I am blind or even wrong for that matter? Because there is always the chance that you are the one seeing purple & I'm just fine.

10:07 PM  

nbs - I always find that christianity is an interesting concept since I could never truly believe that there was something. I urge you to, just for the sake of understanding, read through this. This is not to convert you, but you may find it enlightening and you can be informed against the bahavior or ideologies of atheists that attack you.

All kidding aside, by speaking to more atheists (agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, etc.) you will find that they generally know much more about what is inside the bible than most christians do.

One last thing...
You said, "Trying to prove that something definitively doesn't exist is impossible and illogical." This is a common misconception about atheists. We are not trying to prove that God doesn't exist. We just don't accept your claim that he does. Faith, by definition, is blind. Therefore, you are accepting a thing that has no evidence to support it. As atheists, we depend on reason and logic. Blind faith is neither.

In reason,
The 502

10:00 AM  

Well, I was a pagan...what is it that you do believe? Gases gathered together and BANG everything just happened? Really, not mocking, I just have always found atheism difficult to understand? Do you adhere to Darwinism? I find it interesting to discuss these things, if you'd like to further great! One thing you have to understand is I did go through a period that I truly was anti-Christian because of some of the things that had occured to me, but I never could understand atheism.

8:54 PM  

Technically speaking Atheism is NOT a belief system. It is by definition a lack of belief. Much like I don't believe in the tooth fairy, I just simply don't believe in a supreme being. There is nothing to adhere to. We don't have a code or a handbook. We don't need weekly meetings to assure each other that we are right. We are not 'Darwinists'.

I think faith is silly. I believe in that which I can see or have proven to me in some way. Gravity for example. I may not understand all the physics & science behind, but I have yet to wake up not firmly attached to the ground. I drop shit, it falls to the ground.
Religion doesn't afford me the same level of confidence.

I was prolly 8 or 9 when it occured to me that prayer was really no different than talking to yourself. I can prove my own existence. What is the point of a middle man?

The more I read, the less I found religion to have a point outside of some sort of fucked up mental masturbation. It is a comfort to those who need it. I don't need it.

11:06 PM  

Kinky Poe summed it up well. Atheists are such a diverse group that they can't be labeled. The only thing they have in common is that God is not a part of their life. When speaking to any one of us, you should know that our opinions only represent our individuality. They may not be shared by others.

With that said, I accept the Big Bang Theory as well as Darwin's Theory of Evolution. They are the most viable explanations I have seen to date. The Scientific Method is an excellent system that has been developed to understand the world we live in. I apply a similar system to my own base of knowledge. I verify facts, build opinions, and am open to admitting when I'm wrong. Proof, theory, and falsifiability.

In Reason,
The 502

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