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Quarter Lifer: Doing My Part To Piss Off The Religious Right


Doing My Part To Piss Off The Religious Right

I saw this on another blog & had to share it (with tongue in cheek of course):

Does anyone wonder why I am scared of religious folk??
I'm perfectly content with my non-prostelytizing Atheism. At least I can go to bed at night knowing I'm not using terrorist tactics to convert others.


That's some creepy shit. Religion makes people do very cruel things in the name of fear.

Christians often say you should have a healthy fear of God. Fuck that. I'm not gonna live in fear.

10:33 PM  

Since when do Christians attack and kill others? I will admit that "banner" is more than a little extreme. I am a Christian, and I think its completely ridiculous that people try to force what they believe on others(in agreement with what you are saying), actually it makes me question what they really believe. Believe what you want, don't believe what you don't, just don't make the generalization that all "religous folk" are the same and will try stuffing what they believe down your throat. Anyway...great blog! I enjoy the material you present, keep it up!

10:39 PM  

Some of the worst, most horrendous, atrocious things in history have been done by "religious" people.
Some good things have been done, true, but I'm not sure if it comes out to a net positive.

1:47 AM  

Yikes! Religious people can be extremely creepy!

11:11 AM  

"In the time it took for me to create this banner, 50,000 people have died. Intead of helping them, I carried on working on this so I can guilt trip others."


2:08 PM  

I agree..

Hookah Forum

5:51 PM  

Maciej, Christians start kill people, since Christianity started. Have you forgotten the crusades or the inquisition that lasted over a thousand years.

Christian fanatics are just as dangerous as any other religion.

8:57 PM  

What? Isn't javascript the new word of god??

11:13 PM  

My sister is one of them, she keeps telling me I'm going to hell, I don't mind. All the cool people go to hell ;)

5:11 AM  

I kinda feel bad about my earlier comment. I don't think all religious people are cruel.

Just the ones who think homosexuals are going to hell, the ones who think evolution is just a theory, the ones who think people who don't believe in God are going to be punished with eternal damnation, the ones who strap explosives on themselves and detonate it inside a crowded mall.... etc...

12:52 PM  

I've always looked at religion as a cult.

I avoid anything to do with religion at all costs. And this may sound sick but when people I know pass away I secretly hope the funeral is not held in a church. I also avoid all weddings that take place in church's.

For some reason I can't be in those buildings.

2:09 PM  

LOL that's spooky :)
when i 1st saw that counter thingy, i thought it was for Smoking ...but whne i read closer it was a shock :)

7:20 PM  

The only problem is that if they are right they will be able to tell us: "I told you so". If we are right, on the other hand, we will never know!

2:38 PM  

I'm back--and I'm as disturbed as you are by this running tally travesty. Maybe the counter should read, "number of people who are happier not having to deal one minute longer with this Christian proselytizing shit."

Or maybe it's the running count of people who have died laughing at Kirk Cameron's "The Way of the Master." I don't have the link here, but you can get it from the recent post on my Musings blog in which I respectfully (OK, maybe not so respectfully) rip Kirky a new one ...

-- d.a.

8:00 PM  

I love this entry and you for posting it!


7:16 PM  

Dear maciej,

Since when do Christians attack and kill others?

1. Read the bible.
2. Read the history of the crusade.
3. Read the US-led war in Iraq.

Seen any blood lately?


1:47 AM  

Dear Lauren,

Religious people can be extremely creepy!

Religous people are not creepy. That is the feeling inflicted on you by the one above for not having a proper faith.

God Bless your soul.


1:49 AM  



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