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Is it just me?

My Katrina thoughts of the day:
How is it one could misplace a child during a natural disaster?

I have come across a couple of these 'Mom cries over missing kids' type captions. I'm no parent, but I have seen those child leashes used rather effectively at the mall. I can understand the people who were washed away or what have you, but how on earth do you evacuate & forget your offspring?

And the 'Could it get any worse?' award goes to these people whose evacuation bus tipped over. Bet there are going to be some new Atheists coming of that load.


I have heard a few stories of people handing their kids over to rescue crews before allowing themselves to be taken ... but not too many of "missing" kids.

Maybe that is because I am tuning out of the coverage and would rather read about your sex life than about any more looting or starvation tales. I get it already, I've had enough! (About the horror of New Orleans, not your sex life). -- d.a.

9:36 PM  

I mean missing, not handed off. Of course I can't find them now, but I know I saw at least 2 captions of the 'woman can't find child' variety.

I'm with you on the TMI approach the news media takes with this stuff. I think that's why I'm trying to keep my post slightly more thought provoking than the rest of the crap out there.

I'm sure there will be more sex life stories to come. It is Friday night & all.

10:08 PM  

It was more thought provoking than most and the athiest comment was beautiful.

10:49 PM  

We can only hope that disasters would cause more people to question the god-myth. Unfortunately, it makes them cling to it even more.

the 502

10:08 AM  

If you don't already have the child leash, it's hard to use it on your kid(s) after a disaster such as this.

Having worked in a theme park, I can say that it is very easy for children to wander away. Since they are shorter than most around them, it can be hard to see them in a crowd.

The majority of "missing kid(s)" cases I've heard have to do with children washed away in the storm or handed off to someone during a rescue and then separated in the confusion.

12:32 PM  

Children should all have leashes.

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