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Relativism Rules!

Not feeling particularly witty or verbose today, so I will post someone else's wit:


Why is everything Bush's fault? I don't understand peoples hatred.

11:54 AM  

I don't see the word 'Bush' in that post anywhere. Is he a member of congress now? I must have missed a meeting.

12:03 PM  

Kinky, I added you to my enjoyable blogs post. Keep it up.

1:07 PM  

Loved the post Kinky ;)

Bid D...everything is Bush's fault...he's supposedly "in charge"..i don't hate him for it...but if it were up to me i'd fire him ;)

3:22 PM  

Sad but true. Great post

10:46 PM  

Amen Brother/Sister!!! Fantastic Post! Thanks for exposing the twisted priorities of the Christian Right.

12:25 PM  

Wow, great post!

4:34 PM  



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