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Unruly Bush

Ok, I can't stop myself from posting my 2 favorite Bush pics that have come out recently...

The rapidly spreading 'potty break for Bush'. I have two concerns on this one:
1) Why is he posing this as a question to Rice? Is she also the Secretary of Urinals?
2) How come our president can't commit to either capital letters or not? BATHroom. Hmm, clearly an indicator of his ability to focus.

Did this really have to be labeled 'Breaking News'? I was well of his failures after the first four years.


So the BATHroom Break photo is actually true?? I thought it's another one of them internet photo jokes! LOLz


1:06 PM  

I got it from Reuters, so I figure it's legit. Apparently there are also photos of senators doing crosswords during Roberts confirmation hearing.

Good to know our government cares.

1:14 PM  

Tons of photos out there that make all our leaders look, well um, uh, less than admirable.

I like the one from the TV, that made me smile.

6:16 PM  

quite amusing.



10:51 PM  

"Did this really have to be labeled 'Breaking News'?"

Good point.

BTW... I'm voting for you. Good luck!

10:55 PM  

heh.. crossword puzzles instead of paying attention? Reminds me of some college students I know! WOnder if there is a correllation???

Like the blog, btw :)

9:52 AM  

I am dying to hear the context that message was written in. But I guess curiosity killed the cat.

10:49 AM  



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