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Even though the juggling date was overall a disaster at least I am getting two posts out of it...
I have made an important observation:
Men are the only ones who worry about "visible marks".

I am referring to the kind you may acquire while making out and/or having sex. I am somewhat found of biting or digging into a back with my above average nails. Sometimes one falls out of a bed or bumps into an ill placed piece of furniture. On occasion these activities will leave a lasting impression on the body. Notably I have never said to a guy 'Please be careful of visible marks because of X'. I checked with my few girlfriends & they agree that they do not say this either. As a matter of fact we are usually proud of any injuries received during a sexual encounter. It is a badge of honor. Yet all of us have heard this comment from a boy.

I just wanted to share some of the ridiculous reasons I have been given by guys as to why I was not allowed to leave any telltale evidence of my presence:
"Please don't leave any marks because..."
  • I am trying to seduce another girl
  • I have church photos tomorrow
  • I don't want to look like a rapist
  • I am in a children's play
Men can be such wimps sometimes. Can't they just be happy that I'm willing to bite them in the first place?


Where do you find these guys?

Whenever I have marks on my body, I happily show them off. Teeth marks on my shoulder was a favorite.

I have been with women who didn't want marks. I think it is a trait of the prudes, whether they are men or women.

The 502

3:04 PM  

I'd say I was blessed with good luck, but what good would that do either of us? Hehe.

I'm also am really fond of my upper back getting bitten. I'm glad to know there are men out there not panicking about this. Seriously, I've gotten those answers from 4 different guys & fairly recently too. It was looking like a conspiracy to keep me from chewing on my dates.

Also, I have to concede the prude defense since none of the women I asked qualify as such.

3:53 PM  

Did you by any chance ever run into that guy who always has a storm cloud over his head?
Atleast everything that happens to you is funny to the rest of us! :-).

4:04 PM  

5. Because it doesn't go over well in my court ordered anger management class

6. Because my parole officer would ask difficult questions

7. Because it tends to freak out my twelve children by 8 mothers, none of which I've mentioned to you prior to this point. Oh and by the way, we'll have to "go dutch" at dinner because child support is a BITCH.

9:03 PM  

Eric give me some credit - I wouldn't be caught dead with a man who uses the word 'dutch'. Hehe.

10:20 PM  

Visible marks are an honor. There are many who pay professional dominants for them.

I've never given a damn about sexual marks, as that would be part of caring what people thought in general, and I've asked my nearest and dearest to shoot me if I started being overly concerned about that, as I'm obviously past any useful purpose.

11:31 AM  

Heh, maybe you're hurting the pussies!

It certainly never bothers me, as has been said, I always consider it a show-off point myself... Plus, there is something sexy about being scratched during sex. It's the animal passion thing. Hmmmm, *gotta stop thinking now*.

1:27 PM  

Oh I missed this part of your blog. I guess biting is your thing.

2:26 AM  



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