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Divine Intervention

Don't panic, I'm not converting or anything radical like that. I was reading Bonanza Jellybean's latest post & reminded me of something I thought I'd share. If you have a lot of free time like my unemployed self you may find yourself searching google for phrases such as "Butt plug" simply because the idea was suggested by a fellow blogger.
The best part of doing this is viewing the second hit: Divine Interventions

Should you ever find yourself in dire need of a handcrafted, silicone, baby jesus butt plug...this is the place for you! Order early for Christmas delivery!


Why didn't I know anyone who appreciated irony and outrageousness when I lived in
Wisconsin? Cheers to you!

5:53 PM  

I absolutely love them! Er, well, at least the idea of them.

8:23 PM  

Oh my god these are great!! I so wish somebody was getting married or having a shower or something. What a funny gag gift!

10:35 PM  

Jackhammer Jesus was actually my favorite on there! I didn't post this on mine, but I'll take a chance here... I work for a company that sells to CHURCHES. That made what you sent all the more funny.

5:06 PM  



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