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(Side note: This is my 50th post! I'm so excited I have come up with 50 things to say!!)

As a born & bred Wisconsinite my DNA has been gentically modified to ensure that I am a die hard Green Bay Packer fan. Wisconsin is the kind of place that has cancelled church service because the preacher had playoff tickets. I'm not a stupid girl fan either.
I know my players.
I know the game.
I watch NFL primetime.
I get bitter about our lousy turnover ratio.
I can tell you what a penalty is going to be & if it was a cheap call (I use to work with a head NFL ref).
The women folk I know are far more excitable than most men. We scream, yell, do shots for touchdowns (though it's only tequila rose) & always can pick the Super Bowl winner (an intuition thing). Packer games begin with the ritualesque playing of Rocking Randall who dances away while singing the Monday Night Football theme. Meet Randall:

Anyway, the inspiration for my little football diatribe is Green Bay FINALLY got a win. No crappy skin of our teeth win either. We are talking 52 unanswered points win. So congrats to my football team on breaking through in fine fashion. I hope we can keep it up.



Those genes you speak of must've skipped me because I don't really care about football. It is fun to give Bears fans a good ribbing though. Still, I never remember when the super bowl is until THAT day! I like the commercials though.

12:06 PM  

Okay why did you put the Kewpie headed portent of doom up? Randal is the devil, the DEVIL!! I much prefer my GB Packer dancing hamster who sings and gyrates to 'We Are the Champions.' Also from now on, on game day I will be wearing my BCBG green and gold yoga ensemble cos apparently it's lucky!
Also nice shot of Brett getting goosed, reason #35 why I love football: men groping each others asses!

12:45 PM  

SS - You don't count. You live south of the border with all them FISH people.

BEG - We played him yesterday for the first time & won. I was trying to keep our use of the kewpie headed devil under wraps. I really wanted a pic of Favre trying to pick up Fergie, but couldn't find it, so ass it is. It's not a bad ass for a 36 yr old. 

Posted by Kinky Poe

12:53 PM  

Yeah, I hate those stupid girl fans. They give us all a bad name!

Can't say that I share your love of Favre or the Packers though. I'm a Steelers girl. However, I do like cheese.

12:25 AM  

I LOVE FOOTBALL. I'm a Falcons fan because of Warrick Dunn, but I always root for Brett. As far as football players go, he's mighty cute too.

I loved their big win for him. Good job Pack!

8:37 AM  

'Twould be nice if you could pocket some of those points -- you'll need them over the next several games. Green Bay has a tough schedule coming up!

It's gotta hurt to know the Bears are dong better than the Pack ... can't you "inspire" the team somehow? Perhaps an echo of how Paris Hilton got Urlacher's game up?

-- d.a.

4:11 PM  

yeah, I am a Steelers fan myself. Maybe I am stuck in the 70's?

6:58 PM  

Side Note: Happy 50!!
Your blog is Farve-tastic and hopefully we'll all be reading from it long after Brett has entered the Hall of Fame!

12:52 AM  

Girls...Yay! I'm not alone. Here I thought it was a WI thing.

For the Steeler faithful: Hope Big Ben heals fast cuz somehow I don't see Charlie Batch as the man to lead the team, well anywhere except maybe to the locker room after a loss.

DA: Way to bum me out. Like I hadn't notice the Eagles, Bengals, Steelers and falcons all coming up.

Thank you Eric, you are the best. I will be trudging towards my next goal - 100 posts here I come!

2:43 PM  

Okay, how about a Packers trivia question for you:

Which Packer is credited with inventing the "Lambeau Leap?"

3:42 PM  

I know it was a defensive player...Leroy Butler? (One of my fave players of all times. I nearly cried when he retired)

3:55 PM  


I wish I had a prize for your or something, but I'm running a low budget operation over here.

I'm a big Eagles fan, so it's been nice the last several years as they've dominated the NFC. But, I do like Favre and I hope he can turn things around this year, which looks like his last. The Packers seem to be re-building.

4:16 PM  

I feel the same way about the Jets. Congrats on the win though! Favre is an amazing QB.

2:23 PM  



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