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Quarter Lifer: If You Want Clean Fun...Go Fly A Kite


If You Want Clean Fun...Go Fly A Kite

Thanks to a friend I have found the most satisfyingly dirty indie rock band: Louis XIV. Their songs are catchy & foul. What more could you want? Legendary artist they are not, but still better than American Idol.

Before I get to the lyrics I do have to point out that the leader singer Jason Hill looks eerily like Ozzy Osborne...or is it just me?

Note: These lyrics are not for the 'making love' crowd. You know who you are. There are mommy blogs for that crap.

Paper Doll
We don't need to take off our clothes to get it on
Pull your skirt up a little bit
Pull down your top and show me a little tit
I said hey short girl you're like a midget
You can turn a phone cord into a widget
She said you son of a bitch you little bitch
I ain't gonna show you my love without a hitch
I said hey hold up sugar just one at a time
Show me yours baby I'll show you mine
She said oh you're so pathetic
yeah well're so magnetic
I said hold up girl I know your game
Ah you want a sugar daddy you can tame
And bang me like the girls in Hong Kong
I know I know I ain't correct
But politics are so much better when there's sex

Pledge of Allegiance
Ah little Stacy Q
When she doesn't have a thing to do
She comes to my house
Well, let's keep that between me and you
She takes off her clothes
She likes to tell this boy what to do
Let's keep that between me and you, ok
She says you're such a little bitch
She says head case head case
Turn that thing around
Let's play a game when you hear me make a sound
Just go quite a bit faster
Pretend that I'm gagged and bound
Oh how I love to hear that sound
Milkshake milkshake I love to feel you sweat

Illegal Tender
You'’re taking off your stripes
Even your knees are nice
I'’ll tease you with a knife until you'’re screaming for your life
I think so too
And you surrender
Can I spend you up? you'’re my illegally illegal tender
I looked into your eyes
And pushed your buttons and levers
You said you'd see until we agree and kindly said whatever
And you like my loving better

Not brilliant, just fun.
If you want to check out the album for free go to Id1g1t.


Everyone needs a little dirty fun. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check 'em out!

10:03 PM  

Sounds good. The Ozzy resemblance is uncanny; it's amazing what eye-liner can do.

-- d.a.

5:00 AM  

I love boys in eyeliner! I love boys in eyeliner! Is it wrong that now I think Ozzy was kinda a hottie when he was younger. Eww, I better go scrub myself raw now.

pour your love on me, make sure to make it stick...

12:58 PM  

I love raunchy dirty rock

11:34 AM  



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