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I'm In Love....

No worries, I'm not dumb enough to fall for one of those boy creatures. However, I am a geek & in true geek fashion I have fallen for a laptop. Meet my love *swoons*:This is the new IBM, shit, Lenovo Thinkpad Z60m. Somewhat behind the competitors it is the first 15.4" widescreen Thinkpad to come out. Patience is a virtue though. Less bulky then similar Dells, it is sleek, comes standard with a SATA hard drive, has an optional titanium cover and a base price of a mere $799. There is the even lighter version, the Z60t which is a little more and only has a 14" screen.
My family has been diehard IBM since the days of the PC Jr, that was in the mid-eighties for you youngens. I will admit I made my fair share of Chinkpad jokes when the China based Lenovo purchased the PC hardware division of IBM. It looks like I may have jumped the gun a little. This first new laptop series to come out since the buyout was completed back in May is beyond impressive, well priced and appears to be retaining the high standards IBM hardware has always been known for.

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Somehow I knew you'd go for one bigger than a 10-incher ...

These are nice machines, actually. And not as heavy as you might think. Good selection!

-- d.a.

3:24 PM  

LMAO...I can't even answer that with a straight face.

3:29 PM  


Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

6:50 PM  

I am thinking of getting the Z60m, but they haven't added the model with a separate graphics card to the lineup yet, and they won't return my email. Doesn't bode well.

I'm also lmao.

10:34 AM  

What happened? Did the IBM guys drag you away?

9:50 PM  



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