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It's Not Hell, But You Can See It From Here

Basically I think if you give people about five minutes they will give you a good reason not to like them outside of their gender, race or sexual proclivities. However, under certain circumstances my feminist buttons do get pushed. This is not one of those instances.

I like to think I'm the good kind of feminist. I shave my armpits. I love men. My feminist 'I am woman hear me roar' tendencies only kick in if someone feels I can't do something because of gender. Now, these people who decided the term "Freshman" was misogynistic need to be shot.

It never would have even occurred to me to be offended by the term freshman in high school. Not only that I certainly would have taken it over it's replacement "Ninth grader". Isn't that part of the high school deal? You get a title. Something far more resonating than X-grader.

My next problem is the Amherst folks seem to have no problem with the term "Sophomore". In case you aren't up on your Latin the word sophomore breaks down to mean wise fool.
Sophos = Wise
Omoros = Foolish
So let me get this straight...I am suppose to be offended by freshman because it lacks the gender neutrality that gets the feminists all hot & bothered. However, I am not suppose to be offended by being called a wise fool. Clearly way back when they were deciding what to call students who had attained a certain level of education (clearly one of the more important historical decisions ever) they understood that pretty much any high schooler regardless of gender was not the brightest bulb on the block. Though any freshman or sophomore will tell you they know it all. I certainly did at that age.
My question for these people is simple:
How is being called a sophomore any less offensive than being called a freshman?

Another Buffy quote comes to mind...
"Tact is just not saying true stuff, I'll pass"

I fucking hate political correctness.


Right on. Wouldn't the world be a better place if people just said what they mean instead of dancing around their feelings?

-- d.a.

4:55 AM  

Ha, ha, ha. That is so right.

11:44 AM  

I think that you bring up a very good point. There does seem to be a problem with choosing one over the other. Thanks for a great post.

2:33 PM  

Crusaders against words obviously live in ivory towers where there are no real problems in their world. Poverty: problem. The word freshman: gimmie a break.

2:49 PM  

"I fucking hate political correctness."

Fuckin' A!

4:09 PM  

Political correctness sucks, er, is not good.

6:14 PM  

I love the Buffy Quotes. I would use them all the time if I thought people would understand the reference.

11:34 PM  

Perhaps they figure that in our edukashun system, the average sophomore hasn't learned enough to understand what the root meaning is. Of course, I thought the second part of it was related to Omarosa of The Apprentice fame. Now that's offensive!

12:23 PM  

Like anyone knows Latin... :)

I like how England does it (or at least how it is in Harry Potter)- 1st year, 2nd year, etc.

4:45 PM  

nice layout, dark but sensual, and melancholic.....really nice

4:07 AM  

IMO, Political correctness does have a place in society, but only if used in conjunction with that old chestnut, common sense.

These days, there are more and more cases of the PC brigade going mad and causing trouble when there wasn't any in the first place.

4:18 AM  



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