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Quarter Lifer: I don't think it's big enough


I don't think it's big enough

The title of this picture is Light of the world.
I stumbled across this picture on a different blog. The person was going on & on about how it filled them with all these warm fuzzy religious feelings.
I beg to differ.
If god is the light of the world shouldn't he have something a tad larger than a lantern? Couldn't we at least get his ass a maglite or something?


Just a guess, cuz God knows *I've* never seen any magical Santa Claus / Jesus light, but I think the idea is that it's there but one has to be looking for it. Or someink.

12:14 AM  

We could ask ass-clown Pat Robertson to tell us what God looks like. After all, this guy says he knows God well enough to say that God may punish those who vote against "intelligent design."

No, I am not kidding: See this.

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