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I'm So Deviant...

....I don't even have to put effort in to causing trouble anymore.

I've been lazy about reading the blogs I like lately. So to catch up I started at my Uncle's blog Solus Sententia. Unbeknownst to me I was the topic of his latest post. Apparently, my blog address is not considered work friendly. Who knew?

I guess this is just particularly funny to me because I'm his fucking niece. We cavort around family gatherings in our rightful place as the black sheep. It is really not nearly as scandalous as his HR department seems to think. I wonder if any of them ran home that night to see what kind of porn 'Kinky Poe' had going on. Ooh, maybe I got a unique visitor out of this.

I guess this is as good of time as any to explain my nickname. Normally I run around the 'net as Knina (pronounced K-nina) which is a handle I took years ago. It was my friend Khrysten's nickname in high school & when I first needed a screen name for every little thing it was handy. When I started my blog I wasn't really sure how it was going to end up, what exactly I'd write about etc. So, I opted for a more discreet nickname. It sounds a little covert & all, but I've found you can google screen names as easily as you can google a real name. So the deal is this:
Kinky: I am, it comes up on occasion, you've been warned.
Poe: I love Baltimore. Not necessarily because of Edgar Allen Poe or even John Waters. I just love it there & would move there in a second. I'm not sure why, it just has this quirky eccentricity I adore. So I went with Poe.

Granted I was laid up with a broken leg & chomping painkillers like candy when I decided I just had to have a blog, but there it is.


I have a cat named Kinky. She has a kink at the end of her tail, but is otherwise not a deviant, at all.

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