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You know the TV you come across late at night when you are half asleep? It's always the weirdest shit. This one in particular made me do a double take.


HOLY CRAP (pun actually not intended but it will do).

That's it. I'm writing a screenplay.

11:12 PM  

Oh yeah...and it was a 3 star movie on the history channel.
I guess I would have felt better if it were an Atheist sniper & a Mormon medic, but hey what do I know?

11:21 PM  

Let's not forget, the Mormons fought a war against the United States government. Whether or not that was a good thing is for others to decide but I'd believe there are plenty of Mormon snipers... wearing super-secret underwear and converting their kills after death.

9:19 AM  

The storyline is SOOOO cliche, so overdone ...

-- david

6:46 PM  

Jeez, did you watch it? pmsl

2:56 PM  

I'm with you... an Atheist sniper & a Mormon medic would have been a little more logical. Can Mormons be snipers? I thought that was just Baptists...

9:16 PM  

I'd watch that show. Seriously.

10:10 PM  



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