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Quarter Lifer: Thursday: The Russian Roulette of All Weekdays


Thursday: The Russian Roulette of All Weekdays

Apparently Thursday is anything can happen day, especially for the unemployed. For the second straight Thursday I have had chaos break loose on my ass.

I had an interview scheduled for 1130am. By no means the job of my dreams, more like something do to for a couple weeks while I'm looking around.
Being me I had failed to set my alarm clock back an hour for daylight savings. Why bother? I mean the digital cable box resets itself, my computer resets itself, so why not my alarm clock? Probably because the thing is older than I am & is not nearly as self sufficient as the rest of my household technology. Ironically, this works to my advantage because I had just woken up an hour earlier than I wanted to when my phone rang. It was another recruiter who wanted me to come in & interview as well. After that phone call my day just kind of snowballed...

815am: Set up a 2pm interview
1130am: Go to the interview for the crappy contract with crappy pay...and of course I nail it.
200pm: Go to second interview.
230pm: I was having a perfectly nice interview with one guy when the sales person jumps in as well. The sales guy talks about 9000 miles a minute & wants me to phone interview right that second for a job they can hardly describe to me. I passed on that option instead offering to do an in person interview some time today.
245pm: Desperately trying to leave interview due to impending migraine
315pm: Get out of interview & check voicemail...Another recruiter has called. One I haven't talked to in months.
320pm: Not even home from the second interview when the first guy calls me back to setup a client interview for Monday.
330pm: Arrive home to pile of emails from both interviews.
330pm & beyond: I was right about the migraine, spent the whole night in misery...The undocumented dangers of job hunting.

I felt like such a ping pong ball yesterday. So far as I can tell I am a great candidate, it's just no one knows what for. I don't even know if that is good or bad at this point.




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