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Quarter Lifer: Torture Devices (or why I haven't posted)


Torture Devices (or why I haven't posted)

I have tons to write about I swear. Unfortunately I was house sitting the last few days. Granted there was a computer at said house. A high speed internet connection was also available. So why no blogging? Had the one of the dogs chewed off my arm? Possibly a run in with the neighbor who grills meat out of a large steel drum reminiscent of those Dahmer stored bodies in? Worse...

The problem lied with the supposedly ergonomic mouse & keyboard. Do not be fooled! These are in fact not computer accessories. They are actually torture devices put on this planet to drive me crazy. I had planned for the mouse fiasco & actually brought my Logitech MX1000 mouse with me. Pretentious of me? Most definitely, but my sanity got to remain in tact. The keyboard on the other hand I had forgotten about. I don't care how fucking natural it is suppose to make typing. I'd much rather get carpal tunnel but retain my ability to type more than 5 words an hour. I prefer my soft touch, low profile, not ergonomic keyboard any day.

So there is my excuse. Lots of thrilling posts coming soon. Hope everyone had a good holiday.


Can't wait for your thrilling posts. How's mom doing?

12:41 AM  

I take full responsibilty for your blog-stoppage. I swear to god (granted this a god I don't believe in) you get used to the equiptment after a while ...although I don't know that three days was enough to derail your normal keyboard teachings. I can't type to save my soul on a flatboard now (Type like 74 correct words a minute on the ergo-board though). BTW: You left a some of your stuff here (DVDs and such).

7:08 AM  

I hate those keyboards. Hate them like I hate those jelly like wrist rest things. Someone put one on my mouse pad once and I ripped the thing off and tossed it across the room.

7:45 PM  

We have this row of file slots at work and folks bring in their own jelly wrist rests and I swear to Dog I've seen those clear flacid things hanging out of the wall of slots and think "what, is this the prop storage room for a porn studio?"

11:24 PM  



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