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I'm Worried About The Tripod

If you ever read Plural of Apocalypse or Ivory's Unfinished Thoughts then you will have heard of the Tripod. The tripod consists of the only two women that are important to me & of course myself. I've known these two since high school & we are basically united by the fact that we are obnoxious, opinionated & relatively ungirly. For example none of us has ever sent a man to sleep on the couch. If you are a woman who does this & feel you can explain the rationale behind it to me go for it.

Anyway, that being said I am a tad worried about my tripod. Here is why:
I am not nearly the pop culture geek my 2 compatriots are. However in an attempt to generate ideas for a plural of apocalypse template I went to try this activity the other legs of the tripod have indulged in. I made my way over to the Gaia Dream Avatar Creator. How one even finds this site is beyond me. Still, I am a good friend & determined to make a template for Blackeyedgirl. So I go forth with my chibi creation.
This is the most unbelievably fucking tedious thing I have ever done!
I have created spreadsheets on all 250 of my cd's, I have edited things in photoshop pixel by pixel...none of which are even remotely as neurotically tedious as chibi creation. My head was pounding by the time I got this fucking anime creature an outfit I liked.
Here is a snapshot of the outfits you get to pick from:
Yep, that blob of a pixels represents 20 of the tops you can put on your Chibi. There are something like a million of these available. Then you get to repeat the process for each part of your chibi's body. The shoes are even smaller.
After several outfit attempts I did manage to spew forth a chibi I was somewhat proud of: However, I am left with a deep concern that this is what the other legs of the tripod are doing when I'm not looking.

Note to self: Get both girls books for Christmas. Long, wordy, war & peace type books...Anything to keep them away from the computer.


I had no idea that sending a man to sleep on the couch was considered 'girly'.

I used to live with a woman who actually told me to sleep on the couch. I was shocked at the stupidity of it. I lived there... it was my bed... I wasn't sleeping on the couch. I slept in the bed, and she chose to sleep on the couch. Strange.

3:45 PM  

I'll explain the ungirly, since I am the married portion of The Tripod and have a man I could make sleep on the couch if I wanted to. Hubby and I have had some terrible fights (some have even included the police), but never once have I ordered him to sleep somewhere else. It's a girly thing sending a man to sleep on the couch because girls are catty and spiteful and sending a man to sleep on the couch is just their way of holding a grudge at least until morning. Don't get me wrong, I can hold a grudge until the end of time. I would rather just be actually cold-hearted and viscious as opposed to doing it on the sly and making hubby sleep on the couch. If I'm mad, he's gonna know exactly why and then he's gonna apologize like he does and then we'll go to bed together. Also, it doesn't really count if someone decides to sleep on the couch on their own, but I imagine by her sleeping on the couch it was the same concept just in reverse. It's deprivation thru spite. Anyway, I just wanted to say, I am off the chibis. I spent about two hours making the ones I did make and did in fact give up due to coming blindness caused by small accessory size and the tedium. I'm on to Christmas tree decoration now (Have cats so this will be done more than once) ...also tedious, but the lights are so purrrty!

9:56 AM  

As you can see the Tripod is very against 'the couch'. Like IV said it's just catty & somewhat pointless. If I have a problem with my sig other of the moment I'm going to tell him what it is & deal with it. The whole denying sex, sending men to the couch, slient treatment...all that is crap, but very typical girl behavior.

IV - Good to know you were driven to near madness by the chibi creation as well.

10:43 AM  

OMG, is it that upsetting? I've made like 10 Chibis! I can pump one out in like 5 minutes! OMG I just said that didn't I?

Now this summer I did in fact send Gene to the couch 3 times cos that was the equivalent to a bed in his room. Then I slept on the floor like the idiot girl that I am. But this was a favor not a punishment.

I can't believe the chibi maker is this upsetting. I just played with it cos it was a good time waster (and I need that). Apparently I have a longer attention span AND patience span than both of you.

The Serve or Suffer leg of the tripod is full of patience and lacks ADD, so stop talking smack about it!

11:26 AM  

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