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I Got A Spanking

So, I got my review over at Talk2much. Considering how rough they are on people I think I will take my 4 out of 5 stars and run.
I will say some of the people who comment over there are a tad insane. I've never had anyone give me shit over my link color before. Who knew? I kind of thought blogs were about content. Apparently that is just crazy talk and in fact the most critical thing about one's blog is in fact the template.

Anyway, go read the review - I even get called smart, which being me I loved.
I'd dodge the comments as it gets a little pathetic. I'm actually avoiding whatever responses my last comment received. I hate drama. Especially from unintelligent people who lack a point.


This must be review the review day. I reviewed my review. It got a 7.

11:59 PM  

Very nice, I wonder if the color change would get you that fifth star ...

-- david

2:41 PM  

Well, geeze, KP, of course it's the template that counts. Anyone can piece a few words together--it's appearances that'll turn heads. ;-)

6:34 PM  

I'm still waiting for my review *starts biting her nails*, lol.

I have to say, I agree with you on the comments section of their blogs. They take it waaaaaay too seriously over there. I get a huge kick out of those who submit their blogs for review and they get their panties into a serious bunch when they don't get the review they expected.

7:46 AM  

If it makes you feel any better I'm 35, been reading you blog for awhile and I can see blog just

10:44 AM  

Wow, they were really nice to you. They bashed the hell out of me. When I saw the headline of this post, I was expecting something entirely different.

3:38 PM  

I don't think appearance is everything in a blog. You can have all the bells and whistles, but if you don't have anything to say--you're dead.

I feel there must be a balance between shape and form; just like in Art.

BTW, I like your blog and color in no way, shape or form diminishes the charm of your site.

I think those girls--reviewers--are nuts, from the way they write and curse.



7:39 PM  

I get the same crapy comments about y blog. Don't reviewers read?

9:58 PM  

You did better than my one slap. I got a mauling, but you can't take these things to heart, as some seem to do so (I've seen one threatening to bring lawyers in, and another posting to defend his wife's blog. You can imagine the sort of replies they got!). And I had to admit, some of the remarks they made were correct. Putting in my two pence, I do like black on white, and they're right about the smart writing. Going off topic, I've been reading quite a few blogs with posts about the illegal immigrant protests you've been having. In the UK we have our own problems with illegal immigrants, which has resulted in the rise of right wing parties like the British National Party. Not good.

10:44 AM  



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