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"Legano, Ni Legano...Is Gray Area"

So, it could be just me, but isn't the whole immigration protest thing seem like stupidity at its finest? Who knew you could protest in defense of your right to be able to break the law? I guess it never occurred to me, because it is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard! Granted if these illegal workers had a high school diploma they might actually understand concepts like illegal & criminal.
If I understand this correctly people who are NOT citizens are upset that OUR government wants to increase penalties for ILLEGAL immigration. Also known as breaking the fucking law. Now, I am no Republican or government loving freak. I hate patriotism & Dubya...all of it. However, as a citizen I get to have those opinions. Not a citizen? Guess you can't play in this game.

These protestors are actually using our constitution to stand up for rights they don't have, because oh yeah - THEY ARE NOT FUCKING CITIZENS. Then there are the people walking out on behalf of their illegal relatives. What is this shit? Now we have protesting by proxy?

"Mom, dad I know you are here illegally. So I am going to ditch Algebra in protest of you breaking the law"

As far as I can tell illegal immigrants basically view getting into the country as some sort of competition they have won. As the winners, they get to screw with the system since, well they made it in to the US. One of the arguments I've seen the most is "You can't go arrest 11 million people, so why bother to change the law?"
Is it just me or is this the dumbest logic ever? Wouldn't it be nice to use this logic every time someone was charged with a crime?

Rapists: "Well, your Honor, since I already raped her don't you think I should get off (no pun intended)? I mean maybe if you had got to me before the whole sodomy with an object happened I could see you being upset. However, what's done is done so why don't we just call this one even?"

Murderers: "I already killed the person & since I can't make him any less dead I'm thinking 'no harm, no foul'. I'd love to go to prison and all, but it doesn't really fit into my schedule. Oh, and if you disagree I'm getting all the other murderers together & we are going to protest!"

Speaking of dumb, logic & algebra - For anyone who may be empathizing with these people I'd like to point out that they are not an addition to this country. Half of illegal workers don't have a high school education. One third don't even have a ninth grade education. Many of the female immigrants don't work period because they are at home tending to their litter of offspring who are probably not going to end up much better off than their parents.
As for those stay at home immigrant women panicking about who is going to support them if their illegal (damn, there is that word again) husbands get deported? Maybe I'm being a crazy feminazi liberal here, but umm, how about YOU?!? What are these women incapable of getting a job like the rest of us? It isn't like that immigrant farm wage has them living in Beverly Hills. I doubt it would be all that difficult to get a job making a wage comparable to fruit picker. Though I could be ignorant. It's possible fruit pickers are pulling in six figures and I missed the boat by going to college.
Speaking of offspring...or alternately their impact on the population. In my heavily Hispanic area I have yet to meet a small Hispanic family. Trust me, they have the Catholics beat on the whole be fruitful & multiply thing. Anyway, I found this interesting statistic:
"The US population is expected to increase at an astounding rate. In 1990 it was 249 million; now it is 298 million; by 2050 it is expected to be 420 million. That is a jump of 70%, or 170 million, in only 60 years. The rate already eclipses the record 1910 wave of European immigration."
How much growth do you think one country can handle? In terms of resources, jobs, etc...There simply is not enough for us to be letting anyone who is bored with their country come to ours. There are enough troubles with the education system & class sizes in my area, not to mention water & electricity shortages and number of jobs. Are we just going to stretch the system until it breaks so that we too can become a third world country?

From what I have read the bills floating around want to do things like make it a felony to be in the country illegally, make drunk driving a deportable offense & still give these people a chance to become citizens IF they pay fines, back taxes, learn English & pass a background check. Umm, where is the radical injustice in that? I have to pass a background check to get a job. I have to pay taxes. I get fined if I don't pay taxes. I am not allowed to drink & drive.

Oh my fucking god what a radical notion! Our government wants to treat these people as if they were just like the rest of us!

Here in Wisconsin the big immigration issue has to do with driver's licenses. Yep, illegal workers are upset because they would have to prove they are legal residents in order to get a license. Well, the nerve of my state politicians. They only want legal residents getting licenses. Damn them.
As far as I know we are one of the only states who doesn't already require this. In turn this has made Wisconsin a hot spot for illegal residents to get a license. Great, we are known for beer, brats, cheese and now supporting law breakers. My state has a bad enough rep ok? I don't mind having some notorious people: Dahmer, Ed Gein, Lawerencia Bembenek...but Disneyland for illegal immigrants who need ID isn't on the top ten list of things I want for my state.
The arguments being made against the bill are totally asinine. Clearly the aliens left their common sense in their other pants when they immigrated.....
"Right now, my license is my life. Without a driver's license you're going to feel like every cop is going to stop you." said Miguel Serna of Ft Atkinson, who came to America in 1986 and now works as a welder & a clown (Laugh, that is a hysterical combo).
So let me get this straight: You have no fears, issues or worries about being in the country for 20 years illegally, but are paralyzed with fright over not having a license? Talk about warped priorities. More importantly, a driver's license is like a SSN, it gets you everywhere. Jobs, bank accounts, loans, everything and anything can be done if you have a license. Rarely have I been asked to show my birth certificate or passport to anyone. Bars, jobs, police, etc - All they care about is that license. So if you can get one, what incentive do you have to become legal? Apparently Miguel could care less about being a citizen, but is very worried about being able to drive from home to those welding/clown gigs.

I have actually dealt with the illegal workforce myself. They are popular in the horse world as grooms & shit shovelers. I promise not one of them was here to improve America. They knew English, but refused to speak it & never paid a dime in taxes. They all had a five year plan that involved sending cash back to Mexico for awhile, then going home to retire like kings. A lowly horse groomer here usually owned a whole farm back in Mexico. I don't have a farm. Do you? The people I knew weren't concerned with things like taxes or voting. It wasn't about contributing it was about abusing. I am not really thrilled with the idea of being a cash cow for a country with a shitty dollar value. Granted, I'd probably take advantage of a system like our current one too. Not like getting caught does any harm. At the barn we'd have usually about 5 illegal grooms here who all came over on the same visa. One would get here & they would just mail it back home for the next Juan Doe to show up.
Hell, I can't even get a job because so many in my field are being outsourced to India but I am suppose to feel bad for someone because they broke into this country by clinging to the top of a train or weaving a reed boat hoping to drift to a US shoreline? Not happening.

And now, because that might change all of sudden these people are ready to participate in the democratic process? Fuck that.


Hey, don't forget the legal American population growth that'll surely happen when they get around to outlawing abortion for fun. Not to mention what will happen when illegals can't have them either. Your standard hispanic family of 6 and up will probably quadruple in size. Eventually, war will be the only way to kill off the excess and ya know, the repubs are lovin' that!

Also, since illegals come from countries a living in the stone age compared to America, Welder/Clown man (I wonder if he ever mixes up his shit)probably saw Flashdance and how well the welding and dancing combo worked out for Beals. Oh, yes,'s motivating illegals all over the place.

And everyone is so worried we'll die of lung cancer from smoking...eventually it will be a mere question of dying from lack of air in general.

11:14 AM  

Isn't it disturbing that our childhood/teen jobs were outsourced to illegals? I remember a time when barns weren't full of illegal immigrants and instead used the widely available free child labor. Apparently horse people just think labor laws in general are a joke. Viva la Visa!

9:56 AM  

I dunno if I wanna hug you or gawk at you. Your honesty is amazing.

(raises her arms in the air and shouts)Amen! (well if I did that kinda thing.. you get it.)

I like a sign I saw once in Camden NJ. "Get back to work over! There are illegal immigrates counting on your check!"

8:16 PM  

You're gonna get hate mail from deaf pageant winners saying "shtop pickeng on da illagal ahlee-ens"

or something similar

9:54 PM  

For awhile I thought everyone outside of the tripod hated my post so much that instead of comments people were off plotting my death...

Jaws - I've been known to have that effect on people, so gawk & hug away. Of course my honesty was born from lousy lying skills, but still I'd rather be brutal with it than gentle. I mean since most people are kinda slow on the uptake you really have to be blunt.
"Tact is just not saying true stuff" - A classic BTVS quote

Eric - I think that would rock all to hell! I actually only took down anon comments cuz I had a stalker.
Btw, the whole deaf girl fiasco? All started because of an email I sent BEG. I thought like everyone had heard that story (it was like a week old at least)& was just giggling over the fact that the text msg part was added into the later headlines...then she posted it for my benefit & somehow you got yelled at for it...Hehe, gotta love the speed of 21st communication.

10:10 PM  

I just couldn't stop reading your article, it was addictive.

Like 'jaws' said, your honesty was amazing.

Great read.

1:51 PM  

Wow - I'm so excited my honesty is appreciated. Ive gotten 3 comments (1 @BE) about it. I don't fear the hate mail! Plus it's my blog - Don't like what I have to say? Then move along. There are plenty of bullshit laden pet/mommy/haiku blogs out there for those people.
Anyone is welcome to dissent as well, but they better have a damn good argument....says the one time philosophy major, hehe.

Two cheers for saying what I am actually thinking!

11:39 AM  

You have a point here. It's even in the phrase itself: "illegal immigrants." If they are here illegally, by definition they have broken the law. Period.

-- david

2:55 PM  

You article was very much like one I would write, and yet we don't agree on much. That is the nice thing about the real America. Can you imagine the USA in 30 years if we continue to let millions and millions of illegals in. But then again, if they take over, Americans could always go take over their nation. In fact we may be forced to. Then within a few decades Mexico would be the richest nation and the most powerful, and our grandchildren would have a wonderful place to live without the illegals around. I am always leary of lawbreakers, funny how that is. And guest worker????Give me a break G.W.
What would happen to an illegal that wondered on to G.W.'s ranch in Crawford,Texas? What if one of the first things that illegal did, was pull the American Stars and Stripes from the flagpole and run up the flag of Mexico? Then what if somehow an illegal got into the George Bush ranchhouse, raided the icebox, rifled the medicine cabinet, and tuned all of the radios to Spanish music stations, and peed on the living room carpet? What if the President walked in when the illegal was relieving himself? I wonder,would he say "Oh my please stay and be a guest worker, and here is your citizenship card, free medical card, drivers license and food stamps. Is that enough for you my dear guest worker?

5:13 PM  

Gads. You oughta be here in not-so-sunny-lately California. I agree 193% with all your points. Also? How the hell do we know exactly how big a strain they put on all of our services when we don't even know how many are here?? The school systems, hospitals and other healthcare...sure some of them may pay some tax...but we have no way to know it's covering what they are using.

Honestly. What part of illegal do they not get?

3:25 AM  

Maybe if Corporate USA were forced to stop hiring illegal immigrants, they'd stop coming to the country. Novel idea! Of course, that would mean GW's cronies would have to pay at least minimum wage and provide the most basic of rights for their employees, therefore not earning gads of money, therefore not supporting him...not gonna happen.

2:58 PM  

Thanks for saying what we here in Texas have been saying for years. These people are an insult to all of the people who have immigrated to this country legally and worked their way up the ladder to sucess!

10:05 PM  

Nice post...very honest and it had me reading it to the end. I like how you worded your opinion. It was easy for me to connect to you and nod my head in agreement.

Great job!

11:21 PM  

Welcome to my world! Phoenix, AZ, home of the lawbreaking illegals with a sense of entitlement bigger than Ron Jeremy's ....oops. Forgot, I'm not on my blog.

You rock, Kinky Poe! I will be a frequent visitor to your site!

Send 'em all back!

9:15 PM  

I can understand your sentiment entirely about illegal immigration. Here in Europe it is also a major problem. Infact, having said that, I think it's an even bigger problem in Europe.

I can't feel overly sorry for your situation though. Your nation is gigantic, both in land mass and wealth, surely it can rise to 450 million without too many terrible problems.
Secondly, you complain about millions of Hispanics. Try having millions of Muslim immigrants instead, the former will then seem heavenly.

12:10 PM  

Great post, great blog. I just found you and was pleasantly surprised to hear such an honest and forceful post. Also, I love your template. Its simple, unique, and alluring all at the same time. Good writing and great post…nicely done all around. I will be back for more.

8:54 PM  

I have looked at this post and it's comments seventy-two thousand times and there was that whole leukemia scare and I'm still the only one, other than you of course that knows where that title came from. BTW: I found some new illegals I'm gonna try to have deported (this seems to be a hobby of mine)! Wish me luck! I love the smell of the INS in the morning...especially when they're piling people in the paddy wagon and getting them the hell out of my country!

1:36 PM  

Yeah, I need a new post...but this one keeps getting comments, so I was kind of waiting for it to burn out, it just hasnt.

I am glad my honesty is finally getting some appreciation. Hehe. I think I channel Bill Hicks when I rant.

Ahh, INS in the morning. You know what I'm waiting for? An angry, illegal Canadian. When was the last time we deported on of those people? Oh wait - They actually like their country better, so there are none! Every picture you see - A million Mexicans, not a lone pasty white Brit in the group, no angry French men bitter about being sent back to the land of vacation & wine...Just the Mexicans. Hmm, I think I see a trend here.

As for the title, I'd kill for someone else to recognize it. However, if a guy knows it I'll know he looked it up...or is gay.

1:48 PM  

Sorry, I can't ID the title.

When are you coming back to us??

-- david

6:38 AM  

Las cucarachas entran, pero no pueden salir.

2:57 AM  

A brilliant post! Until we re-legalize slavery and put our prisoners up for sale, I'm afraid we're stuck with Mexicans. I only wish someone in power would listen to my idea.

5:15 PM  

Great analysis! I really enjoyed it.

1:58 PM  

I still think the illegal immigrants have a place here in our society because like in times past, they are doing the jobs that no one else wants to do. If even high school educated people wanted to pick lettuce, I'm sure they would want benefits and at leastminimum wage; the price of lettuce would then skyrocket. So that is one benefit to having illegal workers work in the states. It's highly unlikely any one of them would be able to take an office job or something else that would require English proficiency. Where I have been living in Asia, plenty of people have taken jobs illegally because they have no university diploma. And the main message always thrown at them is to be careful, because if they got screwed over, because they are illegal, they'd have no real recourse. I'm sure illegals can come to the States and make much more (even if we'd consider it paltry) than they would back home. I really don't see the big deal with the jobs, but maybe that's me sitting in my ivory tower with my college degree. I highly doubt any illegal alien will ever take a job I'd go for.
In fact, one of the ways you can gain work in another country (though legally) is to prove that no one else (no other native) can do the job you are going for. In the case of the illegal immigrants, we need to consider that they are doing the work no one here really wants to do.
Word has it that al-Qaeda is planning on smuggling illegal aliens through Canada sometime to stage another attack. I think we should be paying more attention to the North border than the South, quite honestly.

7:27 AM  

You are not so busy that you cannot post. Stop aerobicizing for an hour and put up a new post. That's an order soldier.

10:34 PM  

Keep in mind that many who are protesting are protesting racial profiling, not necessarily new immigration policies. Simply because someone has a spanish surname, they can be suspected of being an illegal alien. This is wrong.

Everyone in the U.S. was once from somewhere else.

The jobs that the illegal immigrants do are mostly the jobs no one else will do. Do you want to pick strawberries? Clean hotel rooms? Do other peoples' gardening? These are the jobs that the immigrants are taking. They are not taking the high-paying computer engineer jobs. Those are going to India. But I digress.

8:11 PM  

Wise words. They have nothing to stand on except playing on the guilt of Americans.

4:00 PM  



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