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Well, It Is The Lord's Day

You know sometimes you just shouldn't click on web ads. Being in IT I should know these things. However, sometimes the temptation is overwhelming & even I can not help myself....

Click if you dare!

For those who didn't brave the link I will explain:

Kinky Christians!

I may have my quirks, but this was a little much. I think I'd have been ok except I went to the site's Cafe Press store. I know there are communities for just about everything, but the whole BDSM/Jesus Freak combo continues to fly over my head. I guess I'm just lucky I'm an Atheist. However, I am tempted to join just to investigate this phenomenon further.

To add insult to irony I stumbled onto the Kinky Christians shortly after getting this personal ad response:
Mistress, I am a 57 year old submissive, white and divorced male, living in Beloit. I am college educated (Carroll) and hold a master's degree in theology -- I am also ordained.
I wear panties. Six feet tall. 195 pounds.
Obedient. Love to be put over knee and spanked
Can travel. Please email direct at ****
Naughty Johnny
Ahh, there is a dream date if I ever saw one....An old, MINISTER, who wears panties. I wonder if his parishoners know about this. How would he explain it if they did? I mean how do you pass off wearing panties & enjoying spankings as the lord's work?

Some days it is particularly clear to me why I am usually single. I'm also reminded why that isn't a bad thing.


I'm probably not the only one to think this, but why the f--- does it matter what religion you are? Do most BDSM types inquire about their playmates' religious beliefs as part of their fun?!?

-- david

1:39 PM  

I'll take a stab: if you were raised in a religion with some scary-assed rituals and a definite power thing going, say Catholic as only one example, then perhaps you have some issues with nuns and corporal punishment, etc.

The only reason you don't see a lot of church stuff in American porn is that it's been a major no-no since the Johnson administration (see: Why are Doc Johnson sex toys called that).

Lots of European and Central/South American porn have religious themes (or mocking the clergy at least).

And this minister is exactly why it's funny and appropriate in movie form.

Of course I could be completely full of crap.

11:43 PM  



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