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Naughty Blogger! Spankings For You

Yes, I have been a horrible blogger the last few weeks. Somewhere between the job interviews, slightly paranoid delusions & mass quantities of working out I have failed to post. I am pretty sure my scattered brain is back in check now. I have a million half posts floating around my head, but it is officially time to get my blog shit back together.

The strategy is to dive back in with my Sex, Lies & Employment trilogy. I also have some theories on the apocalypse I need to share (and have been researching for months so I better get a damn post out of it). I am also working on my '100 Things' list that everyone seems to have. Hopefully that will be my hundredth post - A milestone I am determined to meet. Plus I am still very angry at the television & have decided much like BEG has the news I need to give regular updates on how stupid TV has become.

Wish me luck, feel free to spank me if I don't comply with this post and enjoy the following bit of wisdom:
"Coffee without caffeine is like sex without the spanking."


My first piece of news was found and posted just for you!

BTW: Excellent Photo!!!

2:26 PM  

Bettie Page is the best! Thanks for posting her... And the bit of wisdom is a hoot!

1:20 PM  

I can't wait to spank you.

Just show me your bare booty.

Take care and God bless.

2:01 PM  

Welcome back. I felt like I found your site the moment before you left. Anyways, I'll be checking back, and I expect posts! Or....the spanking could be fun. ;)

9:03 PM  

Great photo; Good writing! Thanks for the entertaining view......

4:04 AM  



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