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Knee-mail Gets A Friend

A couple days ago I put up a post about god answering knee-mail.
Much to my surprise I stumbled across the perfect webbsite to promote the whole knee-mail thing:
They advertise right on the front page that I can get "prayer points".
I had no idea you could earn points for this whole prayer thing. I wonder is it like my rewards card at that gas station or the cash back bonuses that credit cards offer? Is it possible I might be able to earn my way out of hell? Can I get a buy one get one free on miracles?
Alas, I was disappointed to find out I misinterpreted the context of points. When I clicked on the prayer points tab all I got was a sort of tip sheet on what to pray for.

Is it just me or does it defeat the purpose of praying if you need to be told what to ask for? I'm no zealot or anything, but I guess I don't see a high level of devotion involved in reading a weekly email to god.

Now, if you are very into this whole knee-mail, prayer via the web idea you should also check out The Presidential Prayer Team.
Team? It's football season. The only team on my mind is the Green Bay Packers. You know what I'm praying for? I'm praying the Pack get a touchdown this week.
Granted, I'll admit if I was into the whole prayer thing I can see how Dubya is at the top of the list in terms of needing some divine intervention:
"Lord, save my ass from all my bad decisions, my low IQ & my evil, evil thoughts about bending Condi over my desk"

Oooh look! I made a prayer point!!


That damn Jevon Walker is killing me. He is fucking killing me.

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