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Sex & Death

The 502, myself & Northern Born Southerner have been going round & round about the concept of Atheism (Post). It got me to thinking about my own beliefs...again. The odd thing about beliefs is you don't really contemplate them until someone challenges you on them. They are an innate part of who you are. It becomes almost like breathing. I decided to put some thoughts down for anyone else who wants to flip out on me because I'm a non-believer....

It occurred to me a lot of my posts are inadvertently about sex & religion. Notably, my sex & religion posts also get the most comments. So my readers must be on the bandwagon as well. What bandwagon? The Sex & Death bandwagon.

Most of my beliefs about the world come from Sociobiological theory. For those of you who don't know...
is a synthesis of scientific disciplines that attempts to explain behavior in all species by considering the evolutionary advantages of social behaviors (Thanks Wiki)

Here is the deal:
1) Sex: You can boil almost anything down to having a reproductive motive (Has anyone counted the mommy blogs lately?)
2) Death: Everything that is not about reproduction is usually about survival. Religion is a mechanism people use to deal with their own mortality.

I know it isn't the most sugar coated of philosophies, but it works for me. I think that is all anyone can honestly say about their beliefs. None of us can technically prove we are right or wrong. The important thing is that whatever you believe makes you a better person. If I can do that without a 'god' figure good for me. If a supreme being gets you through the night, more power to you.


You can say that it's all about survival, since reproduction IS essentially survival. Once an individual bare offsprings the survival of the offspring becomes more important than it's own. Why? Because the offspring now represents survival; the parent will soon die. It is important to remember that modern medicine is still very new in evolution time-scale.

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Sex, Religion and Politics: the three things mankind doesn't seem to be able to grasp, thus everybody will want to share their views..

..or am I the ONLY one that can't grasp Sex?



1:52 AM  

Sex and Death are the two things we can all look forward to, happily or unhappily. And these things, like any things, are what we make of them.

Telling anyone else that they are most definitely wrong about their beliefs seems silly and, on a blog, sort of rude. Aren't we guests here?

Disagreement is always fun though.

1:28 AM  

I don't see where in that post I say anyone is "wrong".

Also, still my house.

1:37 AM  

Actually I was referring to the righteous always telling the non-believers that we are going to hell, etc., and that we are wrong-headed about nearly everything.

Either way, it's your house!

11:41 PM  

Eric -
Sorry, my bad. I was kinda surprised to think you were offended. :P

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