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All I Want For Christmas

It wasn't but a few short days ago I was singing the praises of cold air & steaming gingerbread lattes. However, as predicted my holiday cheer has a shorter shelf life than a Green Bay Packer player.
As usual this time of year people ask what you want for Christmas. It was while talking with Adrianna about her Christmas present I realized how old my list makes me. She was doing backflips over her parents paying for her car to get winterized as a Christmas present. My list is no more exciting.

1) A job: I'm not sure how you wrap one of these bad boys but I'm willing to forgo the bows on it.
2) A tooth filling: Because only when you are broke, without insurance & it is thanksgiving week when of course your dentist isn't working will you split a molar on a donut.
3) Pay off my doctor bill: Basically as soon as I got fired my insurance was cut off. The same day I got a call from the doctor's office about some chest xrays I apparently needed. Back in July they weren't sure, but I may have had pneumonia. They will withhold my good prescriptions if I don't jump through these hoops. So I rushed into to get the xrays taken before my insurance ran out. I was too late & my claim for $300 was rejected.
4) A 30K mile checkup on my car & new brakes: Much like the best friend I have a car that is as needy as any child I swear. Why on earth my 5 speed has worn out brakes at 30K miles I have no clue.
5) Ebay fraud repayment: I am neurotic about not getting ripped off on ebay. I follow all the rules and then some. However, sometimes it is just your turn to take it in the ass. I'm out $500 dollars (which was my safety net while unemployed) thanks to Ebay & Paypal.
6) License plate renewal: Yep I have been dodging the law since umm, June. However with December rapidly approaching I don't think I'll be able to drive around with that 2005 sticker on my plates much longer without at least one cop coming to get my ass.
7) A Crystal Ball: Something to tell me if my dad's side of the family is pissed at me about some inane thing before I show up for Christmas dinner. Something to tell me if there is a job remotely near my skill level in my future. Something to tell me if I'm destined to be a crazy cat lady.
8) Sex: I just think this one would make me feel better about all the other ones. I'm all about Mr. Robinson, but somehow I'm sure that is going to end up a disaster along the lines of the Juggler.


you don't need a crystal ball for your dad's family. I think letting your dad know that YOUR PHONE IS SHUT OFF and giving him your new number might suffice. He's not the big-bad-wolf, you are an adult now, so give in, cos they probably think you died or moved to Guam.

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