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Oops, I Have A Sex Blog

So, my little ol' blog has been nominated for a Best of Blog award thanks to Bonanza. There is a catch though...I've been nominated as a sex blog! The ironic thing is I actually have an adult blog that was going to be where I dumped all my adventures & exploits, but it hasn't really turned out that way. Plus, I know a lot of my visitors here wait on the edge of their seats for my next disasterous sexcapade.
I guess since my blog is only about 5 months old I didn't really expect to get a nomination. That seems like something for the cool, popular blogs. However, I think I'm going to revel in my 15 minutes (or 30 seconds) of fame and recap the sex posts in one place. Hope you all enjoy them as much as BJ does!
My Best (or worst...depending on your viewpoint) Stories:
- Mom Gets A Lesson In Leather
- Mom & Leather Part 2: Jerry Bruckheimer's Fetishes Are Killing Me
- Grandpa Doesn't Need No Stinking Viagra
- Sex & The Single Girl
- ...And Then He Juggled
- The Intern

Some dirty rants:
- Are Men This Insecure or Am I Just A Bad Lay?
- Bite Me
- But I Don't Want God In My Threesome!
- Abstinence Redefined

Random & amusing:
- Iron Hymen
- Divine Intervention

Now that I have listed the posts out (and I skipped some) it has become clear why I am a sex blog nominee and I'm totally ok with that.


THAT'S PERFECT!! Now I have a concise list to reference. :)

9:41 PM  

Glad to be of service...though not in the hooker way.
Oh & if you didn't catch it the other day you MUST go play with the thing at - It is beyond hilarious.

10:10 PM  

Well, it is what is is, huh? Someone linked one of my blogs to a list of Woman's Political blogs and my blog is, in my opionion, not political at all. In any event, you have a great blog and should celebrate your nomination! "It's not about winning, it's an honor to be nominated!"

11:14 AM  

My vote for your best in this genre is the "God in my threesome" post. Thanks for reminding me of it -- and good luck with the contest.

It's an honor just to be nominated, isn't it?

-- david

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